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Kitesurfing Lessons – Boracay Island

Kitesurfing Lessons BoracayKitesurfing (aka kiteboarding or kiting) is an extreme sport and therefore it’s absolutely necessary to complete training with experienced instructor. And you are interested in kitesurfing lessons Boracay Island is the best place in Asia to learn. Gypsea Kite Kulture offers kitesurfing lessons both on Bulabog Beach and White Beach, Boracay Island, with experienced multilingual instructors. We currently offer instructions in English, Russian and Tagalog.

In kitesurfing lessons we use standardized IKO lessons plan but as we understand that each person’s abilities and skills are different our instructors are more than happy to adjust the plan in order to meet the student’s expectations and progression speed as much as possible without compromising the safety.

If you are still not sure whether you want to get into kitesurfing then our Discovery Course is for you. But for those whose goal is to become a real kitesurfer the Beginner Full Course is the way to go. In average it takes anywhere to from 5 to 12 hours to ride your first meters and you can be sure our instructors will facilitate as faster progression as possible during kitesurfing lessons. At the end of your course we will issue IKO card for you which you can use all over the world for kite gear rentals or your further progression lessons. Find out more about different IKO levels of proficiency here.

Join Gypsea Team and choose kitesurfing lessons on Boracay with Gypsea Kite Kulture School.

Kitesurfing Lessons Boracay

Our Courses

Discovery Course (1.5 hours / 2 hours) – 2,900 PHP

1,5 hours (individual) / 2 hours (group)

Who is it for?

Perfect for those who want to get a taste of what flying the kite is about and also could be another perfect water sports activity for those who are bored of traditional beach activities.

The Course Outline

At the first part of the course you will find out everything you need to know about the wind, how to choose correct for kitesurfing location, potential hazards as well as understand the theory of kite flying in the wind window.

And then the fun part – you will fly your first kite – trainer kite and will be able to practice flying the kite in different parts of wind window.

In the final part of the course you will set up the kite as well as learn how to deploy safety systems modern kites have.

Beginner Full Course (9 hours / 12 hours) – 19,000 PHP

9 hours (individual) / 12 hours (group)

Who is it for?

Beginner Full Course is meant for people who are serious about becoming a kiteboarder and absolute must if you have passion for kitesurfing.

The Course Outline

The course takes anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on the wind and tide conditions as well as student’s ability. The beginning includes the Discovery Course followed by the first experience of flying the inflatable kite while being in the water. You will get basic skills needed for keeping the kite in the air, walking with the kite, flying it in wind window as well as relaunching kite from the water. You will also try the safety systems in action as well as how to do the self rescue.

The second part is where it gets really exciting as you will be able to feel the true power of the kite thru practicing bodydragging both downwind and upwind. This will give you crucial skills for the next, most important step – water start.

At the last few hours of the course it’s time to bring the board and ride your first meters!

Beginner 1-Day Course (3 hours / 4 hours) – 6,300 PHP

3 hours (individual) / 4 hours (group)

Who is it for?

If you don’t have enough time to go for the full course but still want to experience what kitesurfing is about then Beginner 1-Day Course is for you.

The Course Outline

This course is all about kite flying. Starting from trainer kite control and moving later on to controlling an inflatable kite you will acquire basic kite flying skills. You will learn about the wind window, different power zones and will be able to move the kite in the direction you want. We will cover everything from keeping the kite in the air in specific position to flying kite in the wind window and relaunching from the water.

Beginner 2-Day Course (6 hours / 8 hours) – 12,600 PH

6 hours (individual) / 8 hours (group)

Who is it for?

Have a bit more time in your hands but not enough for the Full Course? Go for the Beginner 2-Day Course and who knows, maybe you will be able to do your first water starts on this stage already. You can be sure our instructors will not hold you back.

The Course Outline

In addition to the skills covered in the 1-Day Course you will spend more time with a kite practicing bodydragging. This will be the time to feel how powerful the kite is and become more confident in kite control. If you progress fast enough we will make sure that you try to do your first water starts.

Advanced Course – 11,000 PHP

5 hours (individual)

Who is it for?

If you have basic kitesurfing skills but want to get more time with instructor to refresh your knoledge, improve you posture, start riding upwind and get some tips how to improve you riding then our Advance Course is perfect for you.

The Course Outline

Your instructor will assess your skills and choose the appropriate lesson structure for you. For some it could be practicing riding more and correcting the posture or the power stroke. For others it could be the time to learn how to ride upwind. If you already excel in that we will teach you how to turn, ride toe side and maybe do your first jump.

Private Lesson (1 hour) – 2,500 PHP (incl. kite gear) / 2,000 PHP (with your own gear)

Who is it for?

Private lesson is for experienced riders who needs just a short refresher or wants to practice specific trick.

The Course Outline

Just tell your instructor what is your goal for the lesson.