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Windsurfing in Boracay

Boracay is one of the few beaches in the world to offer winter windsurfing. The best time for windsurfing in Boracay is from November to April with a variety of tides, water temperature at 28°C, and a reef 500 yards offshore perfect for training. Boracay has windswept Bulabog beach with a lagoon dedicated especially to windsurfing and kitesurfing. The tide ranges from flat water and low tide for free-riding and free-styling, to mid and high tides, and also high tides with strong winds for port tack jumping for the experienced surfer. During July-September experienced windsurfers can enjoy windsurfing at White Beach.


Introduction course (2 hours) – 2,600 PHP (kids)/ 3,200 PHP (adults)

Includes theoretical introduction, uphoul-start and how to keep direction

Beginner Course (7 hours) – 9,900 PHP (kids)/ 11,500 PHP (adults)

The necessary course to become independent on the water.

Advanced Course (2 hours) – 4,000 PHP

The course will be tailored for your specific needs.

Private Lesson (1 hour) – 2,300 PHP

Equpment Rental (half day) – 2,600 PHP