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Water Activities in Boracay

Boracay Island is a water-sport haven with loads to offer. There are water activities for everyone, from kids to adults and from first timers to water babies. Inflated fish rides give the impression of parasailing in groups, banana boat rides are just wet and wild, jet-skis give you the thrill of speed, waterskis and wakeboards set the acrobat in you free. Contact us to find out the latest prices and book your adventure.


Jetski in Boracay

Enjoy the surf and sun, have fun racing, explore the blue sea and marine life, zip past nearby beaches and coves or simply have fun racing on our jet-skis. Experience the thrill of speed on VX 1100 jet-skis. You can choose rides ranging from 15 minutes at Php 1500, 30 minutes at Php 2000 or 1 hour at Php 3500.


Flyfish in Boracay

It is like parasailing but with your friends to share the experience with. Have loads of fun trying to stay on the inflated fish as it speeds along, getting airborne when the speedboat pulling it is at top speed. Enjoy this 15-minute fun ride for a group of 3 people at Php 600/person or for a group of 4 people and above at Php 500/person.

Banana Boat

Banana Boat in Boracay

These are wet and wild rides on inflated bananas getting tugged at mind blowing speed, similar to jet-skiing but with friends. The fun is in hanging on to the banana and trying not to fall off, though you would be wearing life jackets. A 15-minute banana boat ride for a group of minimum 5 people is for Php 250 per person.


Parasailing in Boracay

Parasailing is a fabulous way of getting a panoramic view of the island, white beaches, and the ocean as well. Enjoy the view floating in air attached to a parachute being pulled along by a speedboat. A group of 2 to 3 people can enjoy a 15-minute float at Php 1500 per person and a solo ride would cost Php 2000.


Waterski in Boracay

Try out new tricks and maneuvers with our waterski trips. If you are a first timer, we provide instructors at Php 500 per session to get you hooked on to this high speed water sport. Enjoy the surf and wind in your hair with 15-minute trips at Php 1500, 30-minute trips at Php 3000, and a 1-hour trip at Php 6000.


Wakeboard in Boracay

Have the fun of snowboarding and surfing clubbed into one with wakeboarding. For first timers, our instructors can teach how to ride the wake being pulled by a speedboat at Php 500 per session. Carve the water, do air flips or simply skim along at Php 1500 for 15 minutes, Php 3000 for 30 minutes or Php 6000 for 1 hour.