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Boracay Activities

There are a lot of activities you can try in Boracay Island, if the wind is not strong enough or you just want to experience other things in Boracay. Let us know which Boracay activities you want to try and we will arrange anything for you.


There are nearly 25 dive sites around Boracay Island with favorable weather conditions throughout the year and different difficulty levels. Best explored from April to June, the reefs and diverse marine life make for memorable scuba-diving experience

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It is a novel experience that adventure seekers at Boracay should never miss. Freediving lets you challenge your limits and get the intense feeling of reaching greater depths on a single breath of air depending entirely on your skills than gears. It provides a more personal experience of the marine life. Dives are short and intense but you can get addictive, trying to break personal records

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Windsurfing is another active water sports activity you should give a try st Bulabog Beach, Boracay. Reef 500 meters off the shore ensures flat water ideal for training and beginners, while the waters beyond get low to high tides with strong winds perfect for experienced wind-surfers.

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Water Activities

Boracay Island is a water-sport haven with loads to offer. There is something for everyone, from kids to adults and from first timers to water babies. Inflated fish rides give the impression of parasailing in groups, banana boat rides are just wet and wild, jet-skis give you the thrill of speed, waterskis and wakeboards set the acrobat in you free. Whether you choose these thrilling rides or the more relaxed parasailing for the panoramic views, water-sports at Boracay is bound to set the bar high for your next water adventure vacation.

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Land Activities

Choose from an adventurous ATV or buggy cart ride along dirt roads or a relaxed horseback exploration of the jungle, Mt. Luho and beaches – land tours offer a totally different set of attractions for vacationers. You get to visit the Everland Aviary Park and hold a bat, Sky Cycle Ride at Happy Dreamland Theme Park, visit butterfly farm, Trick Art Museum, Tanawin Viewpoint and Ocean Tower on Mt. Luho to get a breathtaking view of the island and its surrounding areas.

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Trips and Tours

There are loads of options available to explore Boracay and nearby islands like island hopping tours, horseback riding trips, ATV or buggy tours, and even helicopter tours. We also offer the new jet-ski tour around Boracay Island, Buruanga Costa Aventura, or Carabao Island. Island hopping tours provide an opportunity to explore different facets of the island from scenic beauty, marine life, coral reefs, and lagoons to culture and cuisine. Helicopter rides are the best for getting picturesque panoramic views that the island has to offer

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